What Is a CPL Filter for Dash Cam?


Dash cams have become part of almost every vehicle nowadays. If you just purchase a dash cam, it might not be enough. You can purchase many accessories, parts, and adjustments to upgrade the dash cam and make it better.

One of the accessories is the CPL filter for your dash cam. Generally, you can use it to enhance the performance of your dash cam. But what is a CPL filter for dash cam actually?

If you have heard about CPS filters but don’t know anything about them and their function, I will try to give you the best answer to help you out. Let’s begin!

What Is a CPL Filter for Dash Cam

What Is a CPL Filter for Dash Cam?

CPL is a short form of Circular Polarizing Lens. It is a lens accessory that you can put over your existing dash cam to capture better footage and reduce the reflection and glare. Putting a CPL lens over your camera might drastically improve the video quality without buying a new HD dash cam.

The CPL lens is not a pricey accessory but gives incredible effects. If your videos come out unclear and disrupted by the sun’s rays, the CPL lens might be the best option to improve them.

The main reason why people opt for a CPL lens is that their vehicle interior is light and shiny and increases the reflection of the sun rays on the footage. Also, the footage might be bad if you drive toward the sun or your windshield is not clean enough.

Therefore, if you are not completely satisfied with the dash cam footage, this tiny piece can help you improve them in one move.

The main features

The CPL filter is a dash cam accessory commonly used to improve video quality and eliminate the barriers that disrupt image clarity and quality. The main things this tiny accessory might improve are:

  • Eliminating the light that reflects off the watermarks on the road
  • Eliminating the sunrays that highly reflect the windshields
  • Eliminating the bright asphalt when the sun is at a certain position
  • Eliminating the windshield reflection caused by the light interior or objects placed on the car dashboard

How to Set Up a CPL Dash Cam Filter

You should search for the right CPL filter depending on your dash cam model. Ask your seller or research Amazon and try to find a matching lens. 

However, if you can not find a matching CPL filter for your dash cam model, you can purchase a standard one that sticks on the cam’s lens.

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Find a compatible CPL filter

Find a compatible CPL filter

Not every dash cam model has original accessories. Some dash cams are similar, making the manufacturers create adjustable accessories that fit most of them.

Choose a lens and check the description to see if it is compatible with your dash cam model.

If you can not find a suitable one, choose the universal CPL filter that sticks to the dash cam lens.

Clean up the dash cam lens

Before placing the CPL filter, you should clean the dash cam lens and ensure no dust and dirt are on the surface. Any tiny particle might obstruct the video’s quality and lense’s function. Wipe off the lens and install it on the dash cam.

Install the dash cam CPL filter

The installation process is relatively easy because most CPL filters are easy to mount and remove. Some CPL filters come with a rubber band, while others are rotational.

When mounting the lens, consider doing it in a sunny area. Turn your dash cam monitor or open it on your smartphone and see if the lens is well positioned. You can test the lens by putting a paper sheet on the dashboard.

Remove and store it safely

Most CPL filters are easily removable because they are only for daytime use. Using the lens at night might give you dark footage. So, you should remove the CPL filter, wipe it off from dust, and store it safely.

Most filters are made with scratch-proof technology, but it is always good to be careful and responsible.

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Therefore, what is a CPL filter for dash cam? I hope this guide has helped you learn, and how it improves the footage quality. 

I warmly recommend buying one if the sunlight disrupts the videos your current dash cam records.