What Is the Best HD Mirror Cam?


If you are interested in buying the new generation of dash cams – the HD mirror cam – you might wonder what is the best HD mirror cam for your vehicle.

The best HD mirror cam is often the one that meets your needs the most. Generally, mirror cams differ in the footage resolution and quality, mirror size, and additional settings and connection methods.

Based on the vehicle type, size, and desired filing angle, you can easily define what type of mirror cam you need.

I have selected some of the most popular HD mirror cams, and I hope it will help you find a suitable one. Let’s take a look.

What Is the Best HD Mirror Cam

What Is the Best HD Mirror Cam?

Some of the best HD mirror cams have a wide mirror, a large display that does not disrupt the driver’s view, high video resolution, simple connection, and warranty coverage. The mirror sizes vary because different vehicles need mirrors of different sizes.

Having an HD mirror cam is good because it provides better discretion than a regular dash cam. The mirror cam is tiny and hidden and almost invisible from the outside. The installation method often requires powering through the lighter socket, which is quite similar to regular dash cams.

Among the best HD mirror cams are those with the highest video resolution. Remember to check the video quality when searching for an HD mirror cam because the 720p resolution is not one of the best options.

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HD Mirror Cams Amazon Top Picks

Eyetoo Mirror Dash Cam


The Eyetoo mirror cam is a 4.3 inches rearview mirror dash cam. The mirror cam is equipped with a 1080p HD front camera and a 720p rearview camera.

The front camera has a view angle of 170° while the rearview one has a 120° view field. The rear view cam provides a clearer view and reduces capturing blind spots on the view angle. This mirror cam model is also water resistant.

It also has a parking assistance option that will help you park safely. The reverse camera angle is adjustable, and you can set it by your preferences.


There is only one thing that might be considered a drawback, the mirror size. This device seems to be excellent, except it would not fit large vehicles. The compact size is ideal for city cars.

Volway Mirror Dash Cam


Volway is a waterproof HD mirror cam with incredible features and a 10-inch mirror. Its advanced features allow every driver to set voice commands so that the HD mirror divide follows the driver’s instructions while they’re driving.

The dual cam system provides an ultra HD resolution of 4K. The view angle is 170° in the front and 160° on the rear lens. The total view angle coverage is an incredible 330°.

The device is water resistant and equipped with night vision sensors, a backup system, loop recording, and parking assistance.


The device comes without an SD card. You should purchase it additionally.

PORMIDO Mirror Dash Cam


PORMIDO is also an excellent HD mirror cam with an incredibly wide mirror of 12 inches. The size of the mirror suits almost every vehicle, whether a car, SUV, Camper, Sedan, etc.

It also comes with a dual-camera system and split-screen mirror feature. The video quality is 1080p, excellent for capturing details through the day and night.

The device comes with a 1-year warranty and lifetime customer support.


Compared to the device’s price, the warranty period seems short.

Jansite Upgraded Mirror Dash Cam


Jansite is another excellent HD mirror cam with a resolution of 1080p in both front and rear cameras. It has a touchscreen, 32.8 feet backup cam cable, an excellent night vision feature, parking assistance, etc.

The mirror cam is also water-resistant, flexible, and adjustable. You can adjust the viewing angle by scrolling up and down on the touchscreen display.

The image and video quality are excellent and support WDR/HDR colors.


This mirror cam comes without an SD card. You need to purchase the SD card separately.


I hope these four Amazon picks have helped you find what is the best HD mirror cam for your vehicle.

Focus on the size and footage resolution. These two are the main things you should search for in a good HD mirror cam.