What Dash Cam Do the Police Use?


Given the nature of their job, the police must always pay attention to their surroundings. So to make their job slightly easier, they have dash cams mounted in their police vehicles. In addition, this is an advanced and reliable solution to detect road crimes. 

But what dash cam do the police use? A lot of citizens frequently ask this. Therefore since it’s a topic that sparks interest, I’ve dedicated this entire article to their most-used dashboard camera model. 

What Dash Cam Do the Police Use

What Dash Cam Do the Police Use?

The police mostly use IVCS dash cameras. This stands for In-Vehicle Camera System. Moreover, this dash camera helps them detect and disrupt crime at the local and national levels.

Continue to read and learn more about what kind of features this camera offers. This can help you better understand why this model was chosen by law enforcement. 

Features of IVCS dash camera

The In-Vehicle Camera System is considered a high-quality camera. It comes with a touchscreen interface. This allows the officers to easily navigate the device. It also enables real-time footage sharing.

A study from 2021 shows the importance of dashcams. Better said, they can be a crucial part of a police investigation. So when they start to investigate, they typically first check what the camera has recorded. 

Besides, the IVCS dash camera can be easily integrated into any police vehicle. This is mainly thanks to the already existing IT system in their cars. Continue to read and discover more about the camera’s other qualities. 

Configuration system

The IVCS camera’s design typically consists of a front and rear-facing camera. Its dual cameras usually also come with additional lenses. These lenses provide inward recording of the police vehicle as well.

This type of camera has a radar-based system. Moreover, it’s a system that records the registration number of the cars that pass by. Then this number is instantly checked in the database. So this is how the police determine which cars are vehicles of interest. 

This dash camera also offers storage of the recorded footage. So, even if the detected car is not a vehicle of interest at the moment, it will still enter the database. This can help them in possible future investigations. 

The IVCS has a built-in speaker too. This feature allows audio recording. It helps to provide a context for the captured video. Besides, it can be very convenient in case the camera breaks down.

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Resolution quality

The IVCS also features HD resolution. Therefore, the video recordings are always displayed in 1080 pixels. But it offers other lower resolutions too. The police can adjust the video system according to their conditions.

In addition, this dash camera can record at night or in low light conditions. This is very helpful in providing evidence for nighttime road crimes. 

GPS and Internet connection

The In-Vehicle cameras also have a GPS tracking system. In addition, this feature is super useful for investigations. It is important because it allows police to check the exact location of the dashcam video. Moreover, they can retrieve video evidence if they need it.

Furthermore, the IVCS dashcam can connect to the Internet. The Internet connection allows the police to store the recorded footage in the cloud. Moreover, it provides the police with a high-speed cellular connection 24/7. 

So, thanks to their dashboard camera, crime evidence is instantly available. It also offers live streaming. Therefore, monitoring any incident is made to be a lot simpler.


Now you know what dash cam do the police use. To recap, they use In-Vehicle Camera System devices precisely because it comes with many fantastic features. Moreover, these features simplify their monitoring work.

The IVCS camera can help police store the recorded footage and allows them to connect to the Internet. What’s more, this can help them faster gather evidence and solve many crimes that happen on the road.