Do Police Dash Cameras Have Audio?


Today, most law enforcement agencies use dash cameras on their squad cars to protect the arresting police officer and the local community members who may conflict with the law. For this purpose, the dashboard cameras film the interaction between the police officer and the potential offender. 

Most ordinary dash cams only record video, but do police dash cameras have audio? Well, you are in the right place if you are interested to discover that; I have created this article for that purpose. So, let’s get started!

Do Police Dash Cameras Have Audio

Do Police Dash Cameras Have Audio?

Most police squad vehicles are equipped with dash cameras with audio as an integral part of the system. The dash cameras are activated by a trigger when the emergency lights on the vehicle go off. 

There are usually two microphones, one on the police officer’s body camera and the other on the dash camera.

Police Dash Cameras Recording Audio

As part of the Body-Worn Camera Program, most police squad cars are equipped with dash cameras triggered to record once the emergency lights are activated. 

Both the camera worn by the police officer and the dash cam in the squad car can record audio as an integral part of the Body-Worn Camera Program. 

As the name suggests, dash cameras are affixed to the dashboards of some police squad cars. While some police departments choose not to utilize them, others do. Those police cars are recorded during their arrests via video and audio.

The camera itself is constantly on and facing forward. However, if the dash camera is a dual lens, one lens is pointed inside the squad car. The dash cam begins recording a video as soon as an officer activates the emergency lights on their car. A police officer cannot turn off a dash cam.

Law enforcement organizations employ these tools for several reasons. The top four include, among others:

  • They require greater transparency and responsibility from law enforcement while apprehending a criminal.
  • Before an arrest, the devices can record discussions between police and suspects. 
  • They are also useful in DUI prosecutions, particularly during field sobriety tests.
  • Dash cameras can record a driver’s behavior before a traffic stop.

Are Dash Cameras a Positive Change in Law Enforcement?

According to research, implementing dash cameras on police squad cars has led to a consistent drop in complaints against police officers. For example, since the police officers in California became a part of the Body-Worn Camera Program, the complaints decreased by an impressive 88%.

While in Mesa, Arizona, the complaints decreased by 60%, and in Phoenix, Arizona, they declined by 23%. All in all, police dash cameras are a highly positive change in police work.

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Important Features of Police Dash Camera

Important Features of Police Dash Camera

Good audio quality 

When law enforcement agencies implement dash cameras, they must have good audio quality. It can make the difference between their police officers being able to prove when they are falsely accused and protecting the suspect. 


There are numerous variations in dash cam configurations. Dash cameras that look forward are positioned on the windshield and have one lens that does the same. A second lens on dual-facing dash cams faces inward to record video inside the police squad car.

Video retrieval

Depending on the date, time, or location, some dash cam systems let you ask for more video from nearby cars. Investigative support and the retrieval of further video evidence may benefit from this.

Video resolution 

The dash cam’s resolution is determined by the number of pixels it records. Full HD 1080p video recording on high-definition forward-facing dash cams is recommended to accurately capture the road ahead and distinguish license plate numbers.

Live streaming

Live streaming is not a function that all in-car camera systems have. Law enforcement agencies that want the opportunity to transmit live video and audio from a dashcam to a secure cloud-based dashboard in real-time may find live streaming useful.

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Police Dash Cameras Recording Audio


So, do police dash cameras have audio? Well, the simple answer is yes. While ordinary dash cameras may not all have audio, those used in police squad cars are equipped with audio. 

Audio in police cars makes it easier for people and police officers to be protected against false claims, as the recording will provide the real context behind the arrest.