Do Dash Cameras Record All the Time?


If you are planning on buying or just curious about when and how exactly the dash cameras work and record footage, you came to the right place. So, do dash cameras record all the time? In this article, you can read how they are designed to work and much more.

So, if this is something that you look forward to learning, ensure to keep reading this article until the end. Let’s get started!

Do Dash Cameras Record All the Time

Do Dash Cameras Record All the Time?

As dash cameras started becoming a staple tool in many people’s cars, the ambiguities regarding them have risen. So, this is the most commonly asked question that worries people, and the answer could not be simpler.

Namely, as most of the dash cams are programmed to record all the time, the answer is yes. If your dash cam has enough memory, it will record all the time. 

Of course, there are many variations regarding the recording option, depending on your particular type of dash camera.

That said, if you invest in a more expensive and high-quality dash camera, you can expect that even if the camera memory is full, it will continue recording by deleting the oldest footage, which is an amazing and super useful feature.

Storage memory and recording

If you do not want to invest in those fancy dash cameras but are looking for something simpler, I wanted to share how long you can expect your dash camera to record, depending on the amount of SD card it has inside. The following estimated recording time usually applies for a high-quality recording (1080p).

  • If your dash camera’s SD card has 8 GB, you can expect footage of about 55 minutes
  • If the SD card in your dash camera has a 16 GB capacity, you can expect footage of around 110 minutes which is 1.8 hours
  • When your dash camera has an SD card of 32 GB, the estimated footage length should be around 3.6 hours

With this information in mind, remember that your dash cam usually has many features. The most important one is that you can store locked and emergency videos so that they stay safe during the erasing process of old footage. 

You can also transfer those videos onto another disk, online storage, or memory card so that you can give them later to the insurance company if there have been any accidents, etc.

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When Does the Dash Camera Stop Recording?

When Does the Dash Camera Stop Recording?

After learning how dash cameras record all the time, it is equally important under which conditions or situations the dash cameras might stop working. 

Although this might happen rarely, it is always good to be prepared so that you know exactly what to do in this kind of situation.

When you turn off your car

The first and foremost situation when your dash camera might stop recording is when you turn off your car. As most dash cameras work so that they start recording as soon as you start your car, they will understandably stop recording when you stop the car.

If you want to avoid this, you can look for dash cameras that can also be hardwired for power or plugged into an always-on accessory that will keep the camera recording 24/7. 

Ultimately, how long the dash camera records depends on your requirements. Therefore, before buying one, you need to consult with a dash cam professional about the exact type of camera and the features it offers so that it meets your recording criteria.

If there is not enough memory

The second most common reason the dash camera stops recording is lack of memory. To fix this, you can purchase an SD card with more storage or, if possible, program your camera to automatically delete old footage when the memory is full.

If it loses power due to a malfunctioning power outlet or loose cord

It will stop recording whenever a power outlet malfunctions and the camera loses power. If this happens to you, ensure to check by yourself or with your mechanic to find where the problem with the power is.


In this article, you could have read do dash cameras record all the time, so if you decide to buy this gadget, you know exactly what type of dash camera to look for according to your specific recording requirements.