What Are the Disadvantages of Dash Cam?


Dash cams are great for documenting anything that might happen on the road. They may protect you against deceitful insurance claims. Also, they might serve as excellent evidence in investigations. 

But what are the disadvantages of dash cam? This is a frequently asked question. For that matter, continue to read this article and discover all the essential information you should know before purchasing one. So, let’s get started!

What Are the Disadvantages of Dash Cam

What Are the Disadvantages of Dash Cam?

A dash cam may be a potential distraction and impractical choice for your car, a privacy invader, a theft attraction, and a bad financial decision. Now allow me to explain these and why they are considered a disadvantage.

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A potential distraction

A dash cam may distract you. I say this because many people can’t resist and tend to check the recorded footage. This will likely happen if the dash cam is placed on the dashboard or the windshield and if it comes with a large screen.

Moreover, a study from 2018 suggests that especially elder people especially can be easily distracted by the dashcam’s interface.

Furthermore, if you are distracted, you may cause an accident. In this case, the dash cam won’t serve you because it will prove that it was your fault. 

Typically, a police investigation can determine if the dashcam distracted you. Therefore, depending on the person, this device can be considered impractical. So, you must be careful if you plan to use the device. 

A privacy invader

A dashcam may invade other people’s privacy. By this, I mean that when it’s recording the road, it also records other people; this is done without their knowledge. So, sharing the footage of your dashcam publicly can be considered illegal. 

A study from 2021 clarifies that the recording of dashboard cameras is unannounced. Therefore, the filmed people can’t give consent. Countries like Austria and Germany have forbidden the usage of this device.

However, in all U.S states, dashboard cameras are legal to use. Most states don’t allow placing the device on the windshield. Therefore, you are only allowed to mount it on the dashboard. 

The states that prohibit dash cams on the windshield include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio, Kansas, Kentucky, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Wyoming, and others.

A theft attraction

A dash cam may also attract potential thieves. I say this because thefts take action if they see something worthy. Again, dashboard cameras are considered to be some of the most wanted car accessories.

Moreover, some models cost a lot. Therefore, thefts can break your car window and steal your device. In that case, they will most likely steal anything else you have left in your car. So, there is a chance the damage will be bigger.

A bad financial decision

A dash cam can be super useful, but some models cost a lot. This is usually because they come with a high-end mechanism. This refers to sophisticated photo quality, speed camera alerts, GPS, etc.

A good dashboard camera costs between 0 and $500. However, not everyone can afford it. As I said, they might increase the risk of getting robbed. Therefore, in some cases, it can turn out to be a bad financial decision.

So, if it currently doesn’t fit within your budget or you don’t live in a safe area, then it’s best to postpone its purchase. Dash cams are not mandatory, so you should invest only if you want and can.

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So, what are the disadvantages of dash cam? As you can see, there aren’t many. However, you still must consider them before purchasing this device for your car.

In addition, I suggest you compare the disadvantages to the advantages of a dash cam to make the best decision. That way, you can best see if it fits your criteria. Stay safe driving!