Does a Dash Cam Kill Your Battery?


Dash cams in cars have become a must-have device, as their use is the perfect additional security. Thanks to it, your car will always be protected, and everything that happens on the road will be recorded. But you probably are wondering does a dash cam kill your battery, and that is a legit question. Knowing the answer is important because you’ll know what action to take.

Many people don’t know if the dash camera affects the battery of their vehicle, hence the reason why I decided to write this article. I am a long-time user of this device, and I know exactly what happens, so let’s dive in and discover the answer.

Does a Dash Cam Kill Your Battery

Does a Dash Cam Kill Your Battery?

As you probably know, a dash cam is a device that needs access to power to be able to work and record. Because of that, it must be connected to a power source.

Your car’s battery is the external power source for your dash cam. So, by connecting the dash cam to your car’s battery, the dash cam will start working, but it will also start draining your vehicle’s battery.

The most common way of connecting a dash camera is by plugging it into the cigarette adapter in the car. But no matter which way you decide to connect it, even though the dash cams consume very little power, they do consume it. So when your dash cam says low battery, that means that your vehicle battery is getting low.

So, yes, a dash cam can kill your vehicle battery. It might take some time, but it will definitely happen, especially if you always leave the camera connected. But, on the positive side, the importance and advantages that this device can bring you are huge.

Because I know how draining the vehicle battery is extremely annoying, you can read what you can do about it below.

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What Can You Do?

If you want to prevent this from happening and are looking for a solution, then the best thing you can do is to connect your dash cam to a rechargeable battery. This way, when that battery gets empty, you will be able to recharge it whenever you want to without affecting your vehicle battery at all.

In addition, you can always do a little research and buy a dash cam with a built-in rechargeable battery. Keep in mind that the price might be a bit higher, but its use will be easier.

Another thing you can do is to go for a dash cam with a lower resolution, which is a cheaper solution. These cameras need less power, so draining your vehicle’s battery will be a slow process. The video might not be clear, but it will still be good enough to see the important things.

Also, you can hardwire the camera to the fuse box using a hardwire kit, which can also prevent wasting the car’s battery.

Remember that most dash cams will shut down when you turn off your car. But, this way, they don’t provide you with 24/7 protection. This will take less of your car’s battery. And, of course, there are dash cams that can record while the car is parked, which will obviously drain the car’s battery faster, but on the positive side, it will provide you with all-around-the-clock protection.


So, does a dash cam kill your battery? To sum up, yes, the dash cam will drain your vehicle’s battery, but you should still put one up.

The slow draining of your vehicle battery is the only negative side a dash cam brings. But the positive ones are more important, so you will always have accurate proof of what happened in case of an accident.

Thus, it is worth having one, even though it might kill your vehicle battery. You’ll feel safe and secure every time you are driving your car, which is the most important thing, and you can always use some of the tips above to slow the waste of the battery.