Do You Need a Dash Cam for Uber?


As a rideshare network with around four million drivers, Uber is slowly taking on the world of transport. Whether riding around people is your side hustle and you have a picture of the Bahamas in your wallet just like Jamie Fox in Collateral or your full-time job, Uber offers a stable income.

Compared to private cars, Uber and Lyft drivers are more vulnerable and exposed to the crazy side of the world. Therefore, to become an Uber driver, you must have all the necessary equipment. But do you need a dash cam for Uber? Let’s talk about that. 

Do You Need a Dash Cam for Uber

Do You Need a Dash Cam for Uber? 

If you have a commitment and driving an Uber is a full-time gig or need some extra side cash, an Uber is a great way to acquire; you have to be absolutely prepared for any scenario. 

Therefore, a dash cam for Uber is a definite must. The dash cams are a piece of great equipment for every Uber, Taxi, or other type of vehicle. Everyone can benefit from the camera and feel safer and more secure with extra peace of mind. 

While driving around strangers, a dash cam that captures audio and video can be crucial if any accident occurs or an altercation with an intoxicated passenger late end night. The footage can be a shred of clear evidence of the dispute and will keep your rating intact.

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Reasons Why You Need a Dash Cam for Uber 

So, why do you need a dash cam for Uber? Well, compared to taxi services, driving an Uber can be a more sophisticated and technology-focused experience. Plus, you get to keep your tips. 

Since you are the boss of, well, you, there is a lot of flexibility for working hours. You can be on duty as long as you want, and the shift flow is entirely up to you.

However, Uber drivers normally transport people, packages, meals, and in some rare scenarios, medical supplies, which are crucial to people who need them for their health. 

Everything is great when the ride goes smoothly, but the more rides you partake in, the more drama you will encounter. As I already established, a dash cam is a necessity for any Uber lift, and here are some reasons why: 

Awful passengers 

The truth is that some people do not know how to act in public transportation and see an Uber car as a perfect place to lose their moral compass. 

Being naturally annoying or a little tipsy is one thing, but some passengers cross the line and start verbally attacking the driver. 

In that case, a dash cam can be a great tool for defending yourself. There are many cases where the Uber driver was smacked or kicked by drunk passengers. 

The dash cam deters offenders and can provide footage that serves as evidence and can prove your innocence in court. Additionally, when people see a camera and know they are being watched, they are likely to be on their best behavior.

False accusations 

Uber drivers sometimes receive a bad rating that is completely unexpected and out of nowhere. What if the feedback was completely false, and somebody was trying to sabotage you? 

This is where the dash cam comes in. It is a cruel world that we live in, and for some passengers to get a free ride will jeopardize the source of income of the driver. 

Using a dash cam, you can send a tape of evidence to Uber and prove that you were following the TNC rules. The camera will also capture your good behavior, earning you extra points. 

Car accident 

A car accident can involve even the best drivers in the world. The accident can be entirely someone else’s fault, and the general public and the police may immediately blame the rideshare driver. You can always rely on a dash cam just like a witness and avoid a bill from the insurance company. 

Hilarious and unexpected moments 

We have all seen funny moments from rideshare vehicles online, and while not a huge reason, it can make your shift much more fun. If you install a dash cam on the car, you will catch something hilarious sooner or later. 

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Hopefully, after reading my article, you learned why do you need a dash cam for Uber and that you shouldn’t hesitate to have one. A dash cam is a great investment that can benefit you on many levels. 

The best part is the cameras are not expensive, and you do not have to spend more than $150.