Can You Report Reckless Driving With Dash Cam?


Dash cameras are quite widespread since they can record various events while driving. Sometimes, you may accidentally record a reckless driver on the road or another improper driving. But can you report reckless driving with dash cam?

In this article, you will be able to read all the information you need regarding reporting reckless driving with a dash cam and whether there are some conditions you must fulfill.

So, if this is something that sparks your interest, keep reading, as the answer might surprise you.

Can You Report Reckless Driving With Dash Cam

Can You Report Reckless Driving With Dash Cam?

With the increased utilization of dash cameras, people have been catching reckless drivers on camera as never before. 

However, as dash cameras are for private use only, it is no wonder many dash camera owners have the same concerns. That is, can you report reckless driving with dash cam? Are there any special conditions to do that?

If we are talking in general, then yes. As long as the dash camera footage fulfills particular criteria, which you can read more about shortly, you can send that footage to the police.

Nevertheless, as nothing is 100% simple, you can read below which criteria the video from the dashcam must meet so that the police consider it valid and valuable.

What is Considered Reckless Driving?

So, can you report reckless driving with dash cam? Well, before we dig deeper into the main question, it is important to see the most common examples of what is considered reckless driving.

With this information on hand, the next time your dash records some suspicious drivers, you will know exactly whether you can report them.

  • Driving without headlights turned on
  • Driving too slowly, below the speed limit
  • Driving too fast, far above the speed limit
  • Texting while driving
  • Drifting between lanes
  • Motorcycles doing lane splitting
  • Road rage
  • Racing vehicles
  • Improper merging or passing
  • Tailgating
  • Excessive and continuous swerving
  • Ignoring signalization and traffic signals and signs

If you notice any of this behavior on the road and your dash camera captures it, you can submit the footage to the police. Doing this might protect you and other drivers from potential danger because of the reckless driver(s).

What is Considered Reckless Driving

The law regarding this matter

As dash cameras are still on the newer side, concise laws about them still need to be made. As every state has different rules and different state laws, and every country has different federal laws, the situation is a little bit complicated.

That said, before you try and report reckless driving with a dash camera, you must ensure that the video you admit can be used as evidence. 

Therefore, I suggest first talking to your lawyer; if they approve, you can report the reckless driving.

Which Criteria Must the Footage Meet to Be Considered Valid?


The first and foremost thing you must ensure before reporting reckless driving is that the footage is authenticated. This means you will have to prove that the particular footage was recorded with your dash camera.

Remember that recording with a cell phone or other camera while you drive is strongly forbidden, so if you submit that kind of footage, the one getting reported and probably fined will be you.

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The second thing that the footage from your dash camera must include is the data in the form of a watermark. The footage of the reckless driving must contain valid data such as:

  • The date of when the footage was taken
  • The exact time when the reckless driving happened
  • GPS and location of the site where the footage was recorded
  • Longitude and latitude of the position of the camera
  • Driving speed
Recorded in a public place

Recorded in a public place

Finally, the most important factor is the footage being recorded publicly. If the video from the dash camera is recorded on private property without valid approval by the owners, instead of the reckless driver, the one fined might be against you.

That said, after ensuring that the dash camera footage meets these criteria, and of course, as long as the footage is of good quality and clear, you can report reckless driving with a dash cam.